Rules & Regulations
Current Standings
1. May only enter fish caught upon hook and line and retrieved by rod and reel in a legal manner, as designated under the laws set by the state of Utah. Boundaries within the waters and tributaries of UTAH Lake.
2. Must be officially registered at least one day prior to fishing.
The registration fee for the 2011 tournament is $15.00
3. Agrees to abide by official rules and regulations and agrees that failure to comply will result in automatic disqualification and forfeiture of all prizes and recognition as winner.
4. Is entitled to only one prize, although contestant may enter one or more fish. If the succeeding fish is larger, the smaller will be withdrawn.
5. Agrees that in the event of a tie, the person who enters the first fish, according to the date and time recorded on the fish entry form, will be the winner. The second fish entered with the same length will assume the next lower position.
6. Agrees to hold the contest officials, harmless for any liability of any nature and any kind for injuries and/or damage suffered by the entrant during the contest period.
8. Contest Dates: 5/28/11 through 6/26/11. Prizes awarded June 28th, 2011.
• All fish must be caught alive using legal angling methods.
• Anglers must abide by all state/provincial rules and regulations.
• Absolutely no fish caught in fish hatchery waters, fish culture stations, "Fish & Pay" Lakes, private
ponds or fishing preserves may be submitted. Furthermore, no fish captured using unconventional
methods is eligible.
• Fish showing signs of improper handling will be disqualified.

• Your catch (the live fish) must be alive when measured and photographed.
• You must use a standard measuring tape. Measuring tape may be asked to be verified.
This tournament is based on the length of the fish, not the weight.  You are required to take 2 photos.  When you catch a fish, take 1 high quality photo of the fish next to your measuring device, and 1 high quality photo of the fish with you holding a coke can.

Upload Photos
Upload the photos to the website, and you will be ranked accordingly. All submissions must be submitted before midnight on the last day of the tournament. The top 3 lengths in the tournament win prizes and cash.  You may "upgrade" your catch as many times as you please as you catch bigger fish throughout the tournament period.

If you use a contractor grade self-retracting tape ALL THE NUMBERS ON THE DEVICE must be visible in the photo.  It is important when taking photos that the measuring device be placed above or below the fish.  Do not place the fish on top of the tape or ruler (unless you are using a hard-board measuring device - - 

Digital Camera Info
You must have a camera that has at least 4.0 Megapixels.  Cell phone cameras are not permitted.  Your digital camera settings MUST be set to the highest quality and resolution, and must be in JPEG format. The time settings in the camera must be set accurately.
It is recommended that you take multiple photos and choose the best photos to upload to ensure you have a photo that will work.     All photos MUST be uploaded in JPEG format. They may not be edited in any way. All images MUST show the fish clearly. Both images MUST be taken with the same camera.
Photographs should be taken from above the center of the fish. No bending or unnatural placement of the fish will be tolerated and could be grounds for disqualification. Scoring photos must show the entire fish on the measuring device.  If any part of the fish is left out of the photo we can either disqualify you or only give you credit for the inches that are visible and clear.
NO image editing is allowed!  Violators will be caught and disqualified.

Rule Changes

Rules may be amended at any time at the sole discretion of the director. Any rule changes will be effective only after they are set in place. Participants will be notified via home page about the rule changes, it is the responsibility of the Contestants to keep themselves informed of any changes that might take place.